Swedish dish cloths, reusable paper towels, or eco-friendly paper towels are some of the easiest and most sustainable alternatives to conventional paper towels, which are known for notorious pollution and environmental impact. Here’s why you should ditch the traditional paper towels and start using Swedish dish cloth:

1. Swedish Dish Cloths are Sustainable

Two conventional paper towels release 15 grams of CO2, which, in America alone, piles up to total damage of 270 million trees. Therefore, switching them with eco-friendly paper towels may play a significant role in reducing deforestation, global warming, and carbon emissions. 

2. Swedish Dish Cloths Reduce Water Usage

Conventional paper towels are made from virgin fibers, a material that requires a large amount of water and energy for processing. Given that 1.1 billion people around the world lack water, wasting it on a product that has a reusable option, which uses significantly less water, doesn’t sound sharp.

3. Eco-friendly Paper Towels Save Money

We throw away paper towels after using them once as reusing them isn’t hygienic. On the flip side, you can use a Swedish dish cloth numerous times before it needs a wash. So, even though buying a pack of 6 reusable paper towels may be more expensive than purchasing conventional paper towels, in the long run, it will save you significant money.

4. Swedish Dish Cloths Reduce Pollution

Every year, paper towels generate 254 million tons of trash throughout the world. Apart from the waste that gets recycled, a massive chunk either goes to landfills or ends up on the streets or in the oceans, resulting in pollution.

Where to Get Swedish Dish Cloths

If the aforementioned benefits of Swedish dish cloths intrigue you, then you should give them a shot. The Nord Home’s Swedish dish cloths are the best option in this regard. Here’s why:

  • Our eco-friendly paper towels are made from cotton and plant-based cellulose fibers
  • They are 100% natural and compostable
  • They are absorbent with a capability of holding 15x their weight in water
  • A single reusable paper towel is equivalent to 17 conventional paper towels
  • They are cute, what else do you want?!

Head over to this link, to get your hands on a set of 3!