Plant-based wax food wrap is a vegan, reusable food wrap and an excellent replacement for traditional plastic saran wrap. It does wonders in reducing plastic waste as it is biodegradable, reusable and could last up to a year.

Here’s why you should go for an eco-friendly food wrap made from vegan, natural, plant-based wax:

1. Eco-friendly & Sustainable Replacement of Traditional Plastic Wrap

Plastic is one of the biggest reasons that have slowly brought our planet to the brink of a climate crisis. From releasing GHGs in landfills to killing marine life in the oceans, plastic is destroying the environment bit by bit. These stats show how plastic food wrappers are a major contributor:

  • Plastic food wrappers stood second in the 2017 International Coastal Cleanup, showing that they are the second most abundant ocean pollutant.
  • They are the deadliest plastic item in the ocean.
  • Plastic releases methane and ethylene when it breaks down into microplastics under sun exposure in the oceans.

Plant-based wax food wrap is made with 100% organic cotton and natural, plant-based wax and oil derived from jojoba and carnauba which make them friendly to both our health and the environment.

2. Reusable, convenient and better for your health:

Plant-based wax food wraps offer more convenience than the conventional options available in the market. They are reusable, you can hand wash and air dry them and reuse up to one year with appropriate care (stored in dry, cool area, washed after each use)

Unlike plastic wrap, plant-based wax food wrap contains natural oil and tree sap that has antibacterial properties derived directly from nature. As a result, these wraps can keep your food fresh for a long time and will never be toxic for your health.

  • It contains jojoba oil, which is anti-fungal.
  • It has tree resin, which has natural antibacterial qualities.
  • It is excellent for wrapping almost all types of food items except meat.

3. Better Than Beeswax Wrap

Plant-based wax food wrap is vegan and cruelty-free, with all ingredients extracted from plants, while still providing excellent antibacterial protection as beeswax.

Where to Get Plant-Based Wax Food Wrap?

If you are planning on doing some good for the planet by switching to plant-based wax wraps, then head over to The Nord Home store.

Our plant-based wax food wraps come in a variety pack and are available in three sizes (7”x7”, 10”x11”, and 13”x14”). You can wrap almost all food items in them except meat.

All you have to do to use these eco-friendly food wraps is to warm them by working them in your hands. If they get dirty, then hand wash and air dry them. Keep them away from heat, such as hot water, microwaves, and ovens. They are neither dishwasher-friendly nor machine-washable.

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